Why we recommend Garaga

Your garage door needs an urgent maintenance or repair? Garaga can help!

The legendary quality in GARAGA garage doors is not a secret! We prefer to work with the Garaga brand because our priority is to offer the best to our customers. Over the years, Garaga has exploited new technologies, which allowed them to develop garage doors that remain at the forefront. See here what makes them so successful.

Perfect insulation

The harsh winter climate of the Outaouais region is not always easy to deal with. A GARAGA garage door becomes a necessity when you have to store your belongings safely and keep your garage at a constant, comfortable temperature. To meet the requirements of our customers, all Garaga doors feature:

  • Injected Polyurethane Foam

    High density pressure-injected polyurethane foam that spreads evenly and cures inside panels

  • InterLok

    Triple-contact InterlockingTM joints between each panel

  • PVC Weatherstripping

    Double-lip ThermaBlokTM frame weather stripping

  • U-shaped Weatherstripping

    U-shaped bottom weather-stripping

  • Thermal Bridges

    Wood end blocks that prevents thermal bridging

With this type of insulation and the association of these components, a hermetic barrier is created, preventing the warm air to escape from your garage while retaining its sealing properties. Energy is saved! And you will discover annual savings on your heating bills!

Assured longevity

Garage door spring

Despite their affordability, we fully understand that a garage door is an important investment and that the decision should not be taken lightly. So, rest assured, we have a long term solution! Your door will last a long time and maintenance will be minimal. Garaga doors are manufactured with high quality galvanized steel, the same quality as the steel lining of a commercial building. And with torsion springs, your door is intended to last for several years of residential use. You are invited to view our videos to see the superior performance of GARAGA garage doors.

A rock solid durability

Only high quality materials are used to construct GARAGA garage doors. These are designed to be able to withstand extreme weather and strong winds, making them the most robust garage doors in the industry!

House with Eastman E-22 garage doors

We invite you to visit our photo gallery or our Design Centre to discover all garage door designs that are offered to you. Standard size doors are available, but if you need a specific size (example: for an RV or a shed), remember that Garaga also manufactures doors that fit any garages whatever the size.

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